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Grain Theory

Weekend in the Woods GT-1

Weekend in the Woods GT-1

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Kendama designed for the 2018 kendama camp "weekend in the woods".

weekend in the woods was brainchild of Dave Mateo and Carolina Herrera.  It was a great way to escape your normal reality and spend a weekend with kendama players from around the world in the woods. Everyone showing their passion for the game and nature.  It was your quintessential camp. They were cabins, camp counselors, games, stories around the campfire, late night shenanigans, and of course Tons of kendama. Not only was it for the kids and campers but it was also amazing for all of the counselors to spend time together. It truly united the community.  Anytime we get to come together as a family we win. This kendama was designed for the 2018 event. The event started with great traction, but slowly tapered off, resulting in not enough ticket sales to actually host the event. Campers that did signed up or refunded. Kendama featured Grain theory’s first 360° handle graphic. The weekend in the woods logo in the small cup and a compass to represent camping in the big cup. Please kendama’s were supposed to go to every single camper at the event. Unfortunately, there was no event but we’re sold through the online shop. 

It was heartbreaking that the event fell through, but it was also a testament to Dave passion for the game. He gave everything he had to kendama. Even if he fell short on the camp, he still gave It his all and everyone saw that.  

“This kendama is in the vault because it means a lot to me. It’s been deep in the collection.  One of those kendamas that has such a story you can’t get rid of it.  At this point in  my journey I’m making my own story and if this kendama can help me get there and go to a home and player who will appreciate it then that’s way better than sitting in a box in the basement. “. -Jake Wiens

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