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Knuckle Bone - DELRIN "SHIDO"

Knuckle Bone - DELRIN "SHIDO"

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The Knucklebone is a skill toy that is manipulated with the fingers to perform tricks and patterns.  It is very discrete and can be played in very restricted spaces. Use it any time or anywhere.  

"On top of it being super fun to use and stimulating it also helps me with anxiety and ADHD. It helps me satisfy the urge to move and frees up my mind to focus on other things. You can do it sitting down and no one will even notice. It's amazing." -Jake Wiens

The "kbone" is very appealing, not only for its elegant form and ergonomic design, but also, for the range of play styles that it enables. The rounded lines are perfect for spinning, flipping, and passing it between the fingers. It can be manipulated very casually and quietly like a worry stone, or can be used to perform a surprising array of freestyle flows, technical tricks, isolations, and even aerials. 

-Delrin is a high performance plastic that has a warm feeling, almost reminiscent of wood. It is also very durable, and resists dings and breakage. It will scratch, but because it is relatively light, it tends not to take (or inflict) heavy damage when it is dropped.  

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