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Knuckle Bone - ACRYLIC CLEAR

Knuckle Bone - ACRYLIC CLEAR

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"You cant stop looking at it.  It captivates your eyes.  Once its moving in your hand it moves light around as if its dancing.  Fun to play. Fun to photography. Deeply satisfying. " -Jake Wiens

The clear acrylic “Ice Bones” are lightweight, and have a smooth, glossy finish that provides good grip during play. The combination of weight and grip makes them less prone to drops, and is also excellent for many advanced moves that involve manipulating the kbone from one of the ends.

The Ice Bones are quite striking visually. They are fully transparent, and refract light in very interesting ways due to their curvatures, allowing for some stunning photography possibilities. 

In terms of durability, the acrylic material is surprisingly robust. The Ice Bones can generally withstand reasonable impacts (i.e., drops on hard surfaces), and are not prone to breaking or cracking. However, hard drops will likely scuff the surface, and drops on rough surfaces like sidewalks are likely to ding, scratch, or even chip the kbones. This will result in clouding of the transparency. 

In the pocket, the Ice Bones are fairly scratch resistant. However, over time they are likely to pick up micro abrasions that will eventually reduce their transparency. They ship with a slim flannel pouch to help keep them protected when they are not being use.


  • Material: clear acrylic
  • Weight: approximately 11.8g


  • The acrylic “Ice Bones” tend to attract the interest of children, but they present a choking hazard, so keep them away from children under 10.
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