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Grain Theory



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The GT-JW Executive Collectors edition features the signature Jake Wiens shape with a new wood, weight, and design. Limited batch of 250 pieces. 50 of each moon phase. It is up to the stars which phase you will get. The 100% purple heart wood gives a heavier weight that feels great and helps with locking stalls. 80 to low 100 The double space coat clear adds grip and allows you to see the beautiful purple wood underneath. Each phase in the big cup is written on the bottom side rim of the cup. The moon cycle on the tama animates when filmed and spun at 44 rpm. Animation by Drew Tetz. Base cup balance hole to work perfectly with the heavy weight of the purple heart. Finally the return of the the legendary Wiens gold string. Inspired by the gold foil that wrapped the Eagle lunar lander. The details in the design of this model are dense all while keeping with the playability and performance.

From Jake

" I have always wanted a purple heart model. Finally it's a reality. I love diving into the design of kendamas. I went all in for this mod. From star patterns to moon phases. I hope you enjoy exploring its design and utilizing its powers. Thank you all for your continued support. " -Jake Wiens
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