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Grain Theory



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Begleri is another dex based item from Aroundsquare. Beautiful weights connected by cord designed to flow between your fingers and hands. It's like the best space walk combo but tiny and in your hand. It's amazing.  Begleri also carries a calming and soothing effect with it's patterns and movements.  Another must have for anyone who enjoys movement and learning. 

The Brass & Ebony set splits the weights up into 3 parts to create a new experience.  Besides being stunningly beautiful the individual pieces make a nice sound when they are being used.  There is also something about blending metal and wood that feels right. 

Notes on the materials:  

  • The ebony wood beads will also darken over time as they absorb oils from your hands. You can accelerate this process by oiling or waxing them with an appropriate non-toxic product.
  • Bronze and copper are both quite soft, and will wear and patina over time. Copper tend to patina much more than bronze.
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